Rhetorical Analysis to Defend Mental Health in Schools Act Essay

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Over the last several years, our Nation has encountered significant tragedies. In Colorado, our communities have endured several mass shootings, historic floods, and devastating fires, which have had an immense impact on our children’s physical and mental well-being. I felt an obligation to take part in supporting laws that would help address the underlying causes of such tragic events. One of those causes I believe is lack of early detection, prevention, and intervention of mental health issues in our society. I feel we should genuinely value the mental health of our children in our society if we want to mend this great Nation. The psychological well-being of our children affects us both directly and indirectly whether we acknowledge this fact or not. It is exceedingly important that we make sure our children have the capabilities to adapt and cope with stress, perform successfully in school, and contribute to the progresses in our communities. Problems associated with mental illnesses are becoming increasingly more evident in our society, especially in the institutions of learning be it high schools, colleges or universities. Some potentially detrimental problems associated with mental health include depressions, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. It is therefore of vital importance to encourage and promote the improvement of mental health among our children.
In my letter, I establish a logical argument indicating that studies done by researchers show…