Rhetorical Analysis to Defend Mental Health in Schools Act Essay

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I think we should really value the mental health of our children in the society if we want to develop this great Nation. The psychological well-being of our children affects us both directly and indirectly whether we accept this fact or not. It is very important that we ensure that our beloved children have the capabilities to adapt to the stresses, working productively both in school and also contribute to the developments in the community. Problems associated with mental illness or health are very common in this society especially in the institutions of learning be it high schools, colleges or even universities. Some health problems associated with mental health include depressions, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders and at time schizophrenia. It is therefore of vital importance to encourage and promote the improvement of mental health among our children.
Studies done by researchers have shown that at least one out of five students here in the United States of America experience or suffer from mental health disorders or illnesses. The attention these youths receive is very wanting. I was more than shocked to find that only 21% of the American youth with diagnosable mental disorders receive medical care and I had to emphasize this point in my letter. The remaining 80% are ignored. The increased numbers of untreated mental illnesses have turned out to be very tragic. The end results have been increased rates of suicides among children who fall between the ages of ten and…