Rhetorical Devices In Ground Zero

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In the essay Ground Zero by Suzanne Berne writes about her very personal experience visiting Ground Zero the place where the twin towers stood prior to the tragedy of 9/11. She uses rhetorical devices throughout her essay to make the piece feel incredibly intimate and emotional to the reader. She specifically uses imagery, tone, simile, and metaphor to explain her experience to Ground Zero in a deeper and meaningful way to her readers. Berne uses rhetorical devices in her essay Ground Zero to let her readers feel the same emotions and imagine the same things she saw on her visit to make the essay very intimate and realistic. In Ground Zero Berne uses many examples of imagery and metaphors to paint a descriptive picture of her surroundings and what she saw to enhance her reader’s experience. She uses the imagery to make her readers feel as if they were there and make them feel the same feelings of awareness, and sadness she did. Suzanne achieves this by recalling back to the horrid memories of 9/ll when “the skyscraper shrouded in black plastic, the boarded windows, the steel skeleton of the shattered Winter Garden.” (Berne 176), By using these extremely explicit and descriptive details Suzanne allows her readers to experience the rude awakening she had when she saw nothing in Ground Zero, but was able to recall the chaos that went on that day. Suzanne lets her readers understand what was going on in her mind , and clearly experience what she was feeling that day
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