Rhetorical Devices In V For Vendetta

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Michelle Azzata Sabrina Ladd English 101 March 8, 2015 V for Vengeance Through his graphic novel, V for Vendetta, Alan Moore raises thought on how powerful dissent is, freedom, and most of all the desire for revenge. Vengeance, the strive for freedom, and opposition were not only apparent themes throughout, but drove all of the action for the main character, V. We learn while reading this graphic novel the rationale condoning of violence for both personal and societal revenge and freedom. Using the symbol “V” as both a letter and the number 5, this narrative,V for Vendetta, uses rhetorical means to reflect on London in the late 20th century by displaying V’s role as a freedom fighting terrorist and an avenging hero. In the novel, V most certainly makes clear his disunity with the government. The most important symbol in relation to this theme is his mask…show more content…
V was being tortured and he was left for dead while he was in cell five, post survival he decided to seek revenge on the people who victimized him at an earlier time. All of his abusers now hold power in the government and V takes it upon himself to expose and fix the governmental structure as it is corrupt. V was against the totalitarian government and was eager to ruin it. He found it unjust that people in control were able to lie to the citizens, force them to “play by their rules” essentially, and have ultimate control in running the society. Through his tactics of revenge, V wanted the people of England to exercise their free thought and understand that what their government was doing was

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