Rhetorical Devices : The Last Of Us Essay

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Have you ever wondered how advertisers come up with trailers or commercials? Or if there is a formula or specific ingredients for which advertisers make their advertisements? I am here to tell you that there is a formula and there are key ingredients to make an effective trailer or commercial. In the world of commerce professional advertisers use rhetorical devices as their ingredients to cook the best trailer that will attract customers to buy many things. The most common forms of rhetorical devices are pathos, ethos, and logos, these devices make a statement more persuasive but what separates a good advertiser from a great one is the way that they use these devices. Advertisers are experts in using these devices in combination; and the only way to know how to combine them is by studying your audience. Video game advertisers have specific ways to persuade their audience to buy a game. Today I will be studying this pattern in a video game trailer of “The Last of us” by Hydrawlik. I will analyze the combination of rhetorical devices that are used in the trailer and evaluate their effectiveness. This video game trailer uses these rhetorical devices effectively to attract the audience’s attention in order to lure customers to buy the product. Rhetorical devices are used for specific reasons for example Pathos is used to incite emotional responses, logos to prove that the game has exactly what the audience wants, ethos to develop a sense of credibility in the advertiser
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