Rhetorical Devices Used In Elementary School

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My sons learned how to type when they were in elementary school. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is an interactive and fully customized software that keeps track of the student’s progress by measuring accuracy, speed, and also the number of errors made by the student.
After tracking the errors, it suggests games that focus on specific problem areas. The student can adjust the background music, turn off sound, and select what drills or games to play.
The games can be played by clicking on the Game Room and also focus on specific typing skills, such as speed, accuracy, or rhythm.
The student can practice typing numbers by using the Check-Out Time game. In the Road Race game, the student must type quickly to stay ahead of other cars. Enormous bugs
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If the student takes online classes, it is crucial to invest in an ergonomic keyboard, which will protect the child's wrist.
Educational Television Shows

PBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Science Channel are an invaluable asset to enhance children’s education.
How Stuff Works: Shows how the world go 'round. An example of the fascinating topics is how to extract rubber and iron, corn and wheat, and water and salt from the earth. They explore how varied products can be derived from something so fundamental. Follow the fantastic journey of these goods from the ground to the dinner table.
The informative show on antibiotics explains how before antibiotics were discovered, people would just wait for an infection to improve on its own. They gave information on when and who discovered the antibiotics and the difference between a bacterial and a viral infection. Against the elements: This Science Channel explores disasters, both man-made and those made by Mother Nature. From hurricanes to floods, mudslides and fires, observe how disasters affect lives and communities around the world.

How it's Made: (Science

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