Essay on Rhetorical Devices and Strategies: Coca Cola and Grove Press

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Rhetorical Devices and Strategies: Coca Cola and Grove Press Within society power struggles are inevitable and in the business world it is no different. The letters of correspondence between an executive of the Coca-Cola Company, Ira C. Herbert and a representative of Grove Press, Richard Seaver express their different viewpoints on the use of Coca-Cola’s slogan “It’s the Real Thing”, in an advertisement promoting Diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher by Jim Haskins. Both Herbert and Seaver attempt to out smart each other through their use of rhetorical techniques and strategies. Herbert initiates the first letter, which demands that Seaver, a representative of Grove Press, immediately terminate the use of the catchphrase “It’s the…show more content…
In addition Herbert devotes the fourth paragraph of his letter to an historical allusion about the slogan and starts it off by asserting that, “”It’s the Real Thing” was first used in advertising for Coca-Cola over twenty-seven years ago to refer to our product. We first used it in print advertising in 1942…” Herbert creates a very egotistical persona for himself, as he gloats over how well the slogan has worked for Coca-Cola and undermines Seaver’s knowledge, which insinuates that he is ignorant. While Herbert uses logic, historical allusions, facts and above all power to aid him in persuading Seaver to discontinue the use of the slogan, Seaver relies on other rhetorical techniques such as sarcasm, pathos, alliterations, irony, and hyperboles in his defense. Seavers opening statement in the first paragraph “We note with sympathy your feeling that you have a proprietary interest in the phrase “It’s the thing”, and I can fully understand that the public might be confused by our use of the expression, and mistake a book by a Harlem schoolteacher for a six-pack of Coca-Cola” exudes sarcasm. Though Seaver pretends to have sympathy for the situation, he makes it clear from the start that he thinks Herberts request is preposterous because the two products are completely different, and the

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