Rhetorical Essay : Using Rhetoric

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Using rhetoric to make an argument has been very crucial to my writing in the past couple of months. From Project 1 to Project 3, I learned to form my sentences using rhetorical strategies to make my argument. In the project 1, my use of rhetoric was above average in my opinion. My essay responded to the question of what good writing is. I used clear sentences and many examples to make my point. To explain the idea that good writing has no rules, I used the unstructured format of Whitehead’s text. I wrote that Whitehead did not follow common and basic rules for writing such as having an introductory and concluding paragraphs; however, his writing can be considerate as good because he accomplished his initial goal of convincing the readers that writing is rule free. I learned that being specific in my writing was crucial especially when the topic question is so broad. In my rough draft, I was not specific enough, leaving the readers wondering what I meant by the “No Rules” rule but I revised that in the final draft and included a few specific examples to make my argument clearer. One thing that I notice in my first project is that I was very repetitive all throughout. I kept saying the same thing over and over in different words, which did not add anything to my argument. Instead, it filled my essay with empty paragraphs that I had to get rid of when writing the final draft. I believe that I have improved on that because I did not notice this problem in my other projects.
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