Rhetorical Language : The Power Of Words

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Rhetorical Language: The Power of Words Ever since humans have existed, their ideas, and philosophies existed along with them; however, these ideas would split them into two groups, those who agree, and those who do not agree with the idea. Additionally, there are people who truly believe that everyone should believe in their ideology; therefore, will take certain measures to make people believe in their ideas. One certain measure is using their own words because words can have its own power. By using persuasive and rhetorical tactics, words can lead an army to victory. In addition, persuasive and rhetorical language has the power to make someone realize their opponent’s views regarding a certain topic because that’s what persuasive and rhetorical language does. What persuasive and rhetorical language does is to convince people to see their point of view. Many people have tried to define what persuasive and rhetorical language is. Early philosophers like Aristotle defines what a good speaker and writer should be with ethos, pathos, and logos. Others try to define the structure of persuasive and rhetorical language to make good writers, and speakers. Even though there are many resources today to become a better writer and speaker, it does not mean they will be an effective one. It begs the question on what makes a good writer and speaker? To start off, a good speaker and writer should have a good sense of logic within their speech, or writing. With logic, a person’s…

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