Essay Rhetorical Visions in the Film, American History X

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Rhetorical Visions in the Film, American History X

“Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time”. This is a quote from the film American History X. This film sends out a powerful message about hate groups such as skinheads and Neo-Nazis. The vision of this movie is to make others aware of the complex life of a skinhead. Through different symbolism we see how society views this group. We also are made aware of the continuous cycle of violence that continues to exist even after a powerful leader changes his view.

American History X is important to analyze because it shows how one man’s rhetorical vision changes through life experiences. This film depicts the lifestyles of skinheads and how one person with
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Bormann’s Symbolic Convergence Theory will also be explained and how his theory relates to the fantasy theme of the paper and the rhetorical visions of the characters.

The second part of my paper will be the analysis of the film. I will focus on how hate groups such as the one portrayed in the movie develop and grow when someone uses the right rhetoric on the right people. Setting, actions, and character development will also be discussed in detail in this section. This film has several scenes that show the fantasy theme unfold and develop. I will analyze each scene for any visions, fantasy types, or symbolism that occurs.

Literary Review:

One way for information to spread is through a medium, such as the internet. There are many websites on hate groups that can easily be accessed by anyone with a computer. Any hate group is included, not just the KKK. Groups such as the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam have a big following throughout the world. According to Margaret Duffy’s fantasy theme analysis on hate groups on line, “using the internet is an easy way to spread ones vision by reaching disenfranchised people” (Duffy 292). Duffy’s main focus is how and why the message is sent through the internet. It’s easier to spread a message and make a group grow by allowing easy access to websites (Duffy 292). She shows this by examining the websites of white supremacists groups such as the

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