Rhett Noland: A Short Story

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As I sat down in a room with my favorite drummer, Rhett Noland, I had pre existing thoughts I would learn new drum skills, hear about tour life, and get advice about performing. Instead, all those things were blown out the window. What I aquired from this classroom was more important to me than any rudiment or drum fill, or any advice someone else could have given me. What I learned in this classroom in a sense “woke me up” and gave me a realization about what I am here on Earth for. Rhett told me about how he used to be an alcoholic. How he used to not even be able to go to work without a drink. How destructive drinking was. How miserable he was. There was a paradigm shift in the room immediately after he told us that now, he had been sober for 23 months.…show more content…
He explained to us that now while playing with NF, he performs every night in bars with drinks on all four walls, but has no temptation. Instead, he helps those who are hopping from wall to wall getting drinks. All of what I was hearing made me realize that I can overcome temptation. It made me understand that if I do fall into temptation, God will lead me out of it, and in turn, use me to help those who are struggling. This was the first time it had really sank in how much I need God in my life. It made me realize I am here on Earth, not to stay, but to help those who otherwise, would be staying somewhere worse after this life. Not only can I help those by temptations God has helped me overcome, but by my passion, drumming itself. He made me realize that my drums are an outer representation of an inner manifestation. Although I might be playing a polyrhythm on my drums, it is representing my passion for God. That is more important than any beat I could ever create on the
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