Rheumatic Fever Research Paper

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There are four pounds of bacteria on and in your body and three-hundred different types of bacteria on a dollar bill.
Bacteria can grow in more places than a human will ever live and are in more places you would think. Bacteria are microorganisms that are interesting and found in many ways. There are many types of bacteria and only few types are pathogens. Some bacteria that are common are harmful and one of those bacterium is streptococcus. This bacteria is somewhat ot harmful but can also be harmful when the immune system cannot fight the bacteria. Streptococcus can cause rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, crohns, meningitis, and kidney failure. When this bacteria triggers Crohn’s disease the digestive tract lining to inflame and cause numerous symptoms. Rheumatic fever is caused when strep throat is not treated. It causes stroke, heart damage and even death when Rheumatic fever is not treated. Scarlet fever is also caused by leaving strep throat untreated, it causes rash, high fever and sore throat and can be treated with antibiotics. When this bacteria causes meningitis the fluid found by the spinal cord and brain becomes infected and the brain
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(ss) E-coli is a good bacteria short for Escherichia coli. It was mentioned before as bad but can only cause disease when the numbers of bacteria are too large or spreads out of the intestinal tract. (2,5) E-coli is found in our intestines and helps us digest food. (5,2) Another helpful bacteria is lactococcus lactis. These bacterium's group in pairs or short chains. Lactococcus lactis produces lactic acid vital to the dairy industry. This bacterium is used heavily in the production of buttermilk and cheese. Almost all forms of cheese are made with a strain of this bacterium. (7) Bacteria is somewhat blamed for being bad but really some bacteria are quite helpful. They make cheese and help our bodies.
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