Rhino Poaching And The Exotic Animal Trade

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Would you change your lifestyle to save the existence of a species? In western society, it is our lifestyle to go to the doctors when you are sick, drive to work and buy food from a grocery store. It is hard to remember that around the globe there are different customs and ways of life. A lot of people make the means to live by working the land, owning their own shops, fishing, and hunting animals. Poachers in Africa make their living by hunting elephants, lions, rhinos, and other exotic animals. Countries in Asia, like Vietnam and China, have been using rhino horn medicinally for generations. Would they be willing to change their entire lifestyle to save the existence of a species? I analyzed an image created by the World Wildlife Fund that addresses rhino poaching and the exotic animal trade. There are two subjects in this image, the rhino and those within the rhino. The rhino is being captured by people, but at the same time, its horn is already being removed. I think that this represents the huge market for rhino horn. We are collecting as much horn as we can as fast as we can do it. This idea of our insatiable appetite for exotic animal products is also reinforced by how the horn is being removed. Somebody, with a chainsaw, is cutting off the horn below the base of it. This unsustainable practice will kill the animal. If the horn was cut above the base it would grow back and the rhino could continue on, but it is common for poachers to remove as much horn as
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