Rhonda K Research Paper

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Once upon a time in a far, far, away town, lived an ordinary girl named Rhonda k. Rhonda k was a great student. She was both athletic, and popular. She had everything going for her except one thing. That one thing was that she had an enemy named Wonita Weisenberger that always wanted to bring her down or be better than her. Rhonda k and her best friend Dorinda never let this happen. Rhonda k was dating the star football player, named F. The other bad thing was that her nemesis Wonita Weisenberger liked F. She would always try to get in between the two. Rhonda k was very upset one day when she went to find her boyfriend and found him talking to Wonita on the bench. Ugh-are they really talking to each other she thought(15). When Rhonda
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