Rhymes-Tyson Research Paper

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I’m the youngest daughter of Elmer Tyson and Sheila Rhymes-Tyson. Maternal grandparents Nathaniel Rhymes and Vera Ellis-Rhymes. Parental grandparents, Albert Tyson and Sara Butler-Tyson.

If you’re a DNA match, my research to pin-point common ancestors to predicted cousins level is hard to trace further past 3rd cousins (only on my father's side able to trace this far back). My mother's side is very limited to 2nd cousins only. I hope in the future, I can find her side past my 2nd great-grandmother.

My tree is set to private, but I'm willing to share it to those with surnames listed on my research list. I'm constantly researching and to any cousins past the levels not able to trace, I'll be in touch when can find any leads.
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