Riba Plan Of Work Essay

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The major strength of the RIBA Outline Plan of Work 2007 is the simplicity of its stages and the clarity of the stage descriptions.
Teamwork is an aspect of the RIBA Plan of Work that is significant to project teams so that they can perform a project efficiently and successfully. By using the RIBA Plan of Work, teams are projecting an agreed upon course of action for the client, the architect, the contractor and the possible subcontractors to follow from the start to finish of the design. By using the segments that form the RIBA Plan of Works, all parties know where they stand and at what part in the design/construction process they are at, everyone is able to perform their tasks at set times. This helps the teamwork for a build as there is a clear path that each person must follow to ensure the effective creation of the structure. The RIBA Plan of Work unifies the entire process, giving each project team a goal to work towards. However, human behaviour can sometimes hinder the
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Stages 2-4 will cover any changes that need to be implemented, so that during the construction phase there is no setbacks from sudden changes. However, if the client does have a last-minute change of mind about something or they must change some aspect over unforeseen circumstances, then the Plan of Work will prove as a good indicator of where it went wrong, who was responsible and hopefully why. As mentioned previously, when broke down into parts it is very easy to refer back to a stage where the change needs to be implemented (architect’s drawings are unclear, flooring subcontractor may have used wrong material). The Plan of Work will show who was responsible for the error or it will just be a case of the client having a change of mind, in this case it will be the client paying for it rather than the
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