Ribby And Croaks Analysis

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Ribby and Croaks When I was in science class, hardly anything ever happened. My teacher, Mr. Lago, told stories of his childhood and occasionally showed us images from his trip to Africa on the old-timey projector. When he wasn’t gloating about his children or explaining things from his past, he also occasionally taught us a little bit of actual science. You see, I was never fond of Mr. Lago. He had that old person smell about him, and definitely had favorite students in his classes. I was never one of the favorite students, which is a shame because I tell myself if that class had any sort of actual science behind the grading, I would be closer to the number one student than the 11th (out of 12). It was halfway through October when I actually…show more content…
Lago says he got these frogs on his trip to Africa, boxing frogs, he calls them. The smaller frog wore white skin tight pants, a red belt tied in a simple knot in the front, and red boxing gloves. The larger frog wore red skin tight pants, a brown belt, and brown gloves. Neither frog wore shoes or shirts. The thing about feeding the frogs is that if you weren't careful, the frogs would leave a mark on your skin that would damage your health. Mr. Lago always told us it was of the upmost importance to dodge these marks, burned into your skin in the shape of flying chickens. Every once and awhile, amidst talking to our class about how successful his children are, Mr. Lago decided to do some actual science. This day in particular, he wanted us to observe what would happen if he mixed water with dish washing liquid in a large bottle and then mixed the two. Now, I may have stayed back once or twice but I’m fairly confident that any 7th grader knows what happens if you mix water and soap, of all things. If you do it the right way, you can get a mini tornado inside the bottle, which is pretty cool if you ask me. If you do it the wrong way, the worst you get clean hands. Mr. Lago took us all outside and we formed a circle around him. In the 8 foot tall soda bottle, he poured in gallon after gallon of water. After that he poured in 10 bottles of dish soap. This was gonna be a big tornado. When he was finally finished, he screwed the cap on rather tight and together we helped him
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