Ricardo: A Narrative Fiction

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He looked up and felt the cold rush of winter air hitting his face. His skateboard under his feet, and his sweater hugging him tightly. Glassy eyes and little sobs filled the empty barrier of the hill, he heard footstep and suddenly he paused. His body reacting faster than his mind, he enclosed himself and waited for the hand that’s always there. “Hey” Rodney said grunting while sitting next to Ricardo. Rodney was Ricardo’s best friend and secret crush. They’ve been inseparable since freshman year of high school. Ricardo didn’t respond to Rodney and just shook his head, gesturing a simple ‘Hi. Rodney looked at him and grabbed him by the chin and saw the tear streaks rushing down his face. Rodney looked dissatisfied and Ricardo just turned his head and looked down.…show more content…
Rodney was overprotective of Ricardo, some of which had to do with the small size of the boy. He was like his own personal bodyguard, fighting for him whenever he needed help. “Ricardo tell me please” he looked at him with his soft green eyes. Ricardo hated when he gave him, what he considered “the look”. He sighed and wipe away his eyes with his gray sweater. He looked up at him, chocolate eyes meeting the emerald orbs. He was so hesitant to tell him but he just
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