Rice Marketing Scenario in Bangladesh

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Marketing Scenario of Rice in Bangladesh Md. Reza Ahmed Khan, Department of Agricultural Marketing Rice is the staple food of around 162.2 million people of Bangladesh and with the green revolution, subsequent liberalization policies, and introduction of HYV or MV rice has turned a dependent nation into almost self dependent in respect of food grain production. The country produces around 27-28 million tons of rice annually, against the requirement of around 30 million tons of rice. An insignificant amount of Aromatic rice is also exported. The country requires around 5 million tons of wheat against the production of around 2.5 million to 3 million tons. In a nut shell to meet the local demand of food grain Bangladesh need to import…show more content…
Yet local production gradually increased from 27.79 million metric ton in 2005-06 to 36.94 million metric ton in 2009-10 a 32.93%
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