Rice University Student Analysis

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I will bring in what majority students have brought, into Rice University: excellent performance in academics as well as sports such as Cross Country and Track. The thing that makes my experiences unique is the obstacles I have overcome into this position. The conflicts I had faced were not being able to speak English and adapt to the American culture as quick as I could when I arrived here. Not being able to speak English negatively affected my academic progress. But after seeing how I was going down hill at a very fast pace because of not knowing the english language, I told myself I will not let this break me. I started reading books and writing more because I wanted to strive to be successful no matter what. Reading books and writing short stories helped me learn english as well as raise my grade too. I saw a drastic increase in my performance in class. I started receiving B honor rolls with classmates and then by the end of the year I was the only student who was getting A & B honor roll. My classmates were shocked on what I have accomplished. So now I tell myself, if I can overcome one of the hardest obstacles which was not being able to speak the English…show more content…
I joined track, UIL, and Cross Country. When I joined Track I was not as fast as my members. Whenever we practice they would leave and no matter what the distance was I never gave up nm, I believed it was possible no matter what happens. When the year finished I practiced hard over the summer so I could join the cross country team and show my teammates that I could be as fast as they are. I joined the team and managed to be the third fastest runner of the team. I was proud of myself but I did not let pride distract me from practicing harder so I continued practicing until I could become the fastest. By the second semester I became the fastest runner as well as the captain of the team until
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