Rich Dad Poor Dad Analysis

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad Throughout reading this novel I have gained a lot of useful information that has helped me in my day to day life as well as future goals. I am striving to incorporate several key ideas I’ve learned from Rich Dad, Poor Dad into my life so that I can become a more successful individual. The first principle I gained was that anyone or anything can be your teacher. I look back throughout my life and I can see many different teachers and why some were more effective than others. In the gospel, one of the greatest teachers we have is the Holy Ghost. When we allow ourselves to be open to Him and are prepared to be taught, we receive inspiration and insight into the things we desire to understand. Scriptures are another…show more content…
We are a gospel that truly understands the value of learning and being life-long learners. Knowledge is one of the only things we bring with us in the life to come, so we must make use of the time we have here to expand our knowledge. I would rather know and have many different skills when I pass from this life than a large sum of money. Also, knowing a lot of different skills will help me to be successful in my financial pursuits. This novel also discusses the significance of keeping expenses low. This is perfectly aligned with what many prophets have counseled saints. In church, we discuss the value of practicing our beliefs so that we can gain a deeper understanding of the truths they hold, and when we take heed to promptings about saving and keeping expenses low, we are free from the burden of debt and anxieties that accompany it. I know many people in my life who enjoy shopping with me because I am great at finding deals and lower priced options for products. For example, I know I need to buy food on a regular basis. When there are specific things I need or want to buy, then I can look for different deals at different stores as well as what coupons are available. I don’t drive a flashy and expensive car, but a practical and reliable one. The last principle I would like to focus on is how failure changes us. When we fail, one of two things happens; we learn from it, or are defeated by it. In the gospel, we
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