Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book Review

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Does school prepare children for the real world? "Study hard and get good grades and you will find a high-paying job with great benefits," my parents used to say. Their goal in life was to provide a college education for my older sister and me, so that we would have the greatest chance for success in life. This is the introduction to the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. This is especially true in the context of Asian countries where most of us are told to cram for exams, get good grades (top the class if possible) and jobs with fat paychecks and benefits. Though times are changing and so are people, there are some classic mindsets that we yet harbor-If my kid doesn’t get an “A” in mathematics and science how will (s)he be…show more content…
The rich do not pay high taxes because they invest their money in tax saving assets and lower their taxable income by showing expenses. So, to summarize The Rich People With Corporations The People Who Work for Corporations 1. Earn 1. Earn 2. Spend 2. Pay Taxes 3. Pay Taxes 3. Spend Lesson #5 The Rich Invent Money In the real world, it is not the smart that get ahead but the bold. The author feels that financial genius requires both technical knowledge as well as courage. Rich people are often creative and take calculated risks. In this chapter Robert shows how understanding basic financial numbers can help in attaining financial success. Lesson #6 Work to Learn Don't Work for Money Most people need only to earn and master one more skill which would increase their income exponentially.Te author mentions that financial intelligence is a synergy of accounting, investing, marketing and law which when combined help making money easier. Robert’s rich dad taught him that one should not work only to earn money but to learn a little about a lot. People get trapped in endless rat races and think about paying their bills all the time.Most of us look forward to our pension after retirement which hardly serves the purpose at that time. The world is full of talented poor
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