Rich Get Poor

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Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer
Innocent children lying on the cold floors of our earth as a bed to rest their weak and brittle bodies. “They got money for war, but can’t feed the poor”? (Shakur, Tupac). People watching their loved ones slowly die from the greed and hatred in our world. People running and hiding in the opposite direction of the gun shots but it’s no use the unclear bomb will catch up to them. Young children uneducated with hatred in their hearts.
An article was done on Ben Stein in that he said all the government has to do is to let religion back into government and public sectors and the economy will be above the poverty line. He’s main views on poverty was that if you live under the poverty line it is probably your
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He stated “My humble observation is that most long term poverty is caused by self-sabotage by individuals, like drinking, and drug use. He tries to support the government by saying it supports its people through giving medical care and aid.
I don’t think that simple food stamps or medical assistance from the government here and there is going to fully benefit people and help them get out of poverty. The main issue is not that people are lazy thus they are poor. The main reason for poverty is war and how it diminishes land, kills people and how all the money that could have been put in your education or health is used for war for greed.

In school we are taught fighting is barbaric and if done so consequences will arise. So how so it that military can blow people’s heads off, kill mothers in front of their children and suffocate innocent children and as they watch them take their last breath? In a article by The guardian a
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Don’t be so quick to empty your pockets because again the rich are trying to stay rich while the poor get poorer. Readers digest highlights that administrative costs have been at sky rocketing like missals no pun intended. For example ProPublica reported the Red Cross raised around 488 million dollars of donations. 100 million was supposed to go for constructing permeant houses for the people of Haiti after the distraction. Perhaps the workers missed placed some millions because only 6 houses were built. 6 million was used for international federation of the Red Cross while another 26% was for administration, while another 9% was taken for programming management. Tracy Thorleifson a attorney on this case said “There is no federal law that prohibits a charity from lying to consumers to get money”. That money could have helped a child go to school now we have one less doctor, one less teacher. That money could have helped build scholarships for student , now there’s one less student. That money could of helped a dying mother pay for her medical expenses, now there’s one less mother. That money could have been used to revive agriculture and build new business for more jobs to be created, now there’s one more person on the street. Many people feel like donating money is a great deed and thus don’t
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