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Goal: Rich Tutor Sales Letter Pack 6600 words approx Total Word Count in This Document: 5,541 Title: Rich Tutor Sales Letter Pack 6600 words approx Sales Letter One - Stage One I’m Just Starting My Tutoring Business Does this sound familiar? You are at the starting line of having a tutoring business. You aren’t quite sure yet which direction to take or how to make your business grow. However, you do know that you have a passion for helping students reach academic success. You are in need of assistance to go from where you are now to the next point of being a tutoring business. How we can help you: At this point, you are new to the tutoring business industry. There is a lot of road ahead of you with twists and turns that will…show more content…
All you have to do is provide your information in the form below and we will get to work. Thank you for your time, [insert contact name here] Sales Letter Two - Stage One I’m Just Starting Out and Need Clients [insert image of starter system manual here] What is the Rich Tutor - Starter System? The Rich Tutor - Starter System is for individuals at the starting block of owning a tutoring business and needs to develop a client base. The program consists of our Starter System learning strategies for tutors, guidelines for starting a new business such as establishing a business name and registering your business, and lesson plan creation guidelines. You also receive access to our online worksheet database to help create student curriculum and a guideline to hiring tutoring staff that includes tips on holding training sessions. Who Is It For? Individuals who are new to the tutoring services industry and are looking to gain more clients. It is an ideal system if you are looking to turn a passion into a career and are lacking a roadmap for success or the essential tools necessary to open the doors of your new business. The Starter System is about guiding you through each step of setting up the business, finding clients, creating curriculum and marketing your business to ensure it continues to grow. Rich Tutor - Starter System Every business owner needs passion and determination to make a business work. You need to anticipate what comes next and know the
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