Rich, Wealth, Poverty, And Healthcare Essay

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Jackeline Arias
Radford Skudrna
26 November, 2016
Rich in Wealth means Rich in health
In the 2000’s health care costs began to rise again after having risen at “double the rate of inflation,” in the 1990’s, it left 44 million Americans with no coverage. Between other costs of living like, childcare, food, housing, and rising costs of healthcare, some struggling low-income families were forced to choose between one of those necessities or paying for their healthcare. A study by CNBC showed that the main reason for bankruptcy in the US is medical expenses. The high costs of health care made access to quality health care a luxury only the wealthy could afford.
Poverty in the US is an existing issue in the US with 43.1 million people living below the poverty line, reported by the Census Bureau in 2015. “Health insurance, poverty, and healthcare are all interconnected,” states Annals, this is because those living in poverty or low-income families are unable to afford health insurance. Due to this those living before the poverty line often don’t have access to primary care. Primary care is essential to good health, it provides access to physician’s care, and preventative care. Having limited access to healthcare is a main reason low-income individuals are more sick, lack of access to medical care to treat illnesses only worsens diseases that should be treated or managed early on. But it wasn’t just the uninsured suffering from limited access to health care, those
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