Richard Branson

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Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson or known as Sir Richard Branson is well known as the founder of Virgin Group. He was born on July 18th 1950 in Surrey, England and he is the eldest son of Edward James Branson and Eve Huntley Branson, his father worked as a lawyer and his grandfather, Sir George Arthur Harwin Branson was a judge of the High Court of Justice. Until the age of thirteen, Sir Richard Branson was educated at Scaitcliffe School and He moved and studied at one of a boarding school, which was Stowe School until the age of sixteen. However, Sir Richard Branson wasn’t a brilliant and smart student, he had dyslexia (broad terminology defining an anomalous approach to processing information which caused a difficulty in accuracy of…show more content…
Based on Maxwell, leadership is a verb not a noun and it's a process not a destination or finish line. There are 5 levels, level 1: position, level 2: permission, level 3: production, level 4: people development, level 5: pinnacle, as the higher level is, the better a leader is. As who he is right now, Sir Richard Branson has reached the level 5, which is pinnacle. Pinnacle simply means that a leader that has a reputation for excellence because people follow him not because of his position but because who he is and what value that he represents, some people said that only natural gifted leaders reach the pinnacle. Pinnacle leaders have created a legacy that transcends their organization and extends beyond their industry. As a leader that holding the employee value, Sir Richard Branson has made his employees follow him not because of his position as the Virgin Group founder and CEO, but he can make his employees reach their highest potential and he develop them because he appreacites his every single employees, his employees do respect him as their leader. The qualities of leadership as well as entrepreneurship have been explored in terms of definitions, articles, sources and expert understanding of what these qualities mean and are. However, in this instance there is one other variable, which helps to explain how Sir
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