Richard Branson 's Leadership Style

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Richard Branson is the founder of the conglomerate Virgin Group. He allowed Virgin to explode after the beginnings. He started new ventures every second and incorporated almost every industry conceivable into his company. His net worth is 5.2 Billion. Today, the Virgin brand is ranked second among brands that have the greatest impact on consumer’s lives. Virgin Group includes more than 400 companies worldwide and reaps over 24 Billion in annual revenue. It is involved in almost every industry imaginable including planes, trains, finance, soft drinks, music, mobile phones, holidays, cars, wine, publishing, and even bridal wear. Branson created a “branded venture capital” because most of the investment comes from smaller companies or…show more content…
No single venture is entered into blindly and the rewards are always measured out in relation to potential risks.
4. Branding: Many people know the Virgin brand better than the names of the individual companies within the group. This is the main reason Branson creates marketing hype by implementing extremely provocative campaigns and it has worked to give the Virgin name immense recognition power around the world.
5. Diversifying the company: Since Virgin sticks its hands into so many industries across the board, it has a good chance of surviving even if the economy dips. For example, after the events of 9/11, airline business suffered. However, the other ventures that Virgin stood for kept the company afloat.
6. Empowering talent: Virgin promotes almost entirely from within, so Branson takes this element seriously. He gives his current employees seniority over outsiders and values their ideas and experience at Virgin in working with new ventures. This is why he tends to put his current employees on new projects.
7. Sense of community: Virgin Group entails hundreds of companies, but their relation is viewed as a family and not a hierarchy. Virgin The company philosophy is that all of Virgin is a community with a shared culture and value system.
8. Networking and Respect: Branson treats his friends,
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