Richard Brinsley Sheridan 's Play School For Scandal

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Beth Wade Discussion Paper T338 2/14/15 School for Scandal Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s play School for Scandal was an interesting play. The play was very easy to follow and read, and the characters, though mostly stock, were likeable for me. I found a copy of the show on IUcat, and that performance really stuck out to me because it modernized the characters from their original rendering. I liked reading this play, but actually seeing it performed helped me understand some of the intent behind the characters and to really see their personalities take form on the stage. In the version I watched the gossipers in Act 1 Scene 1 would strike a pose and hold it when another gossiper walked into the room (The School). This added a lot of humor to the play, and gave a nice visual effect as well. The school for Scandal is a very relatable play, because scandals and rumors are still very much a part of our society today. School for Scandal reflects the 18th century through its use of expansion within the play. What I mean by this is that Sir Oliver is said to be in the East (Sheridan 1.2). Sir Peter states that “Sir Oliver 's Eastern Bounty gave them [Joseph and Charles] an early independence,” (Sheridan 1.2). The Eastern Bounty more than likely refers to Sir Oliver trading in India. This time period was a time for expansion ad trade. England and France were the two dominant powers and they expanded their empires into North America, India, and Africa (Wilson 257). In history classes

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