Richard Burr Issue Analysis

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The home page of Senator Richard Burr’s website has colorful pictures. The printing is large and easily read. The messages and menu items actually scroll across the pictures. With that said it is very distracting and over powering. It takes away from the messages and other menu items that you are trying to find when scrolling down the page. In the top left is your menu, in the top center is his calling card and to the top right is a contact tab. He has placed the title of a recent news article about a bill he helped sponsor that pass the senate and benefits his state of North Carolina. The rest of the page is press releases of things that he directly had a part of in some way. This page was too self-promoting and would have liked to seen more…show more content…
The “About” has sub menus all about him personally and what he has accomplished as a Senator. The “Contact” has different ways you can get in touch with him or receive information on what he is doing. The “Services” submenu is the different things his office can do to help you with any problems you have with a federal agency or any request you have of him, like flags, visiting DC and internships. The “Issues” submenu shows nine current issues, legislation that he has sponsored or cosponsored and his voting record for this election period. The “Press” submenu is press releases, pictures and videos of him and his newsletters. This menu is user friendly in the fact that titles are clear and if looking for something particular one could find it very easy. The one thing that was annoying is once you entered a topic you could not go back to previous page it took you all the way back to the home page so you had to enter main menu again to get back to other options. Senator Burr has nine issues that he has chosen to highlight on his website. The first being “Jobs and Opportunity”, he states that he wants more Americans to be able to find work and support their families. He feels that tax reform is how to address this issue by “closing tax loopholes, promote job creation, and make the federal tax system less burdensome on working families and small businesses”. (, 1) This is a very big issue and will take…show more content…
Needs to give the public information on what his ideas are for accomplishing this. “Veterans and Military Families” is listed next and again he states “I am committed to ensuring that these patriots and their loved ones receive the world-class health care, resources, and support they have earned in service to our country.” (, 1) but gives us no idea how he intends on doing this. There are two more issues that he has listed that are like the two above, “Fiscal Responsibility” and “Government Accountability” these of course most people are for but he list no ways in which he intends to accomplish these things. It is like saying the right things but has no way to back them up. One of the biggest issues in America today is his next issue “Health Care” which he basically degrades Obamacare and is pushing his parties Patient Care Act. It is not clear in his statement what exactly that act is other than it will be better than what we have now. Not enough information to make an informed decision on which would be more benefit other than it is his opinion that it would
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