Richard Byrd 's The Cold War

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The Cold War, spanning almost half a century, was a conflict that accelerated the production of nuclear weapons and forced the United States and the other belligerent, the Soviet Union, to make scientific advances at a rate unseen in any other time in human history. The Cold War Comes to Main Street: America in 1950, written by Lisle A. Rose, thoroughly examines the year 1950 in the United States and the effect that the Cold War had on the American populous. Rose examines communism and the military threat that it posed on the nation and how this impacted American society and the generation that endured World War II. Lisle A. Rose is a historian who has also written Power at Sea and Explorer: The Life of Richard Byrd. Power at Sea examines the impact naval superiority by countries around the globe has had on humans worldwide from the late 1800s well into the early 1900s. Another book written about significant changes in American Society is The Life of Richard Byrd which chronicles the Byrd’s exploration of Antarctica that took place between the two world wars. Rose has desire to understand the impacts of global issues on specific nations of interest; because of this, The Cold War Comes to Main Street, another novel concerning the impact of a global issue on a specific society is implied to be well researched and developed. Additionally, Rose wrote Farewell to Prosperity: Wealth, Identity and Conflict in Postwar America which details America’s transition (with particular

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