Richard Connell 's The Most Dangerous Game

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Hunter vs. the hunted is one of the main points in Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game.” Sanger Rainsford swims to Ship-Trap Island after falling off the ship on which he was traveling. On the island, Rainsford finds food and lodging with its sole human inhabitants, General Zaroff and Ivan. Zaroff reveals that he intends to hunt Rainsford, since he finds hunting humans most exciting. Rainsford manages to out-smart Zaroff and is waiting in the General’s bedroom when he returns. The authors’ use of characters: Sanger Rainsford, General Zaroff, Whitney, and Ivan, setting: ship, jungle, and island, and symbolism: the island and jungle, help to develop the theme, one who hunts will someday become the hunted. For instance, the author’s use of characters: Sanger Rainsford, General Zaroff, Whitney, and Ivan, help to give the story meaning. Sanger Zaroff, a world-renowned big-game hunter, intelligent and experienced, Rainsford uses his wits and physical abilities to outwit General Zaroff: “I hope the jaguar guns have come from Purdey’s. We should have some good hunting up the Amazon.” Hiding from Zaroff, he recalls his days fighting in the trenches of World War I, where he witnessed unimaginable violence: “Rainsford had dug himself in France when a second’s delay meant death. That had been a placid pastime compared to his digging now.” At the same time, the three-day chase reverses his life of privilege and ease, forcing him to sacrifice comfort and luxury to survive. General…
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