Richard Dawkins's Film 'The Root Of All Evil'

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He Root of All Evil is a film where Richard Dawkins, a profound atheist, remarks on the irrationality of religion and the evidence that science has against religion. In his film, Dawkins travels to various locations around the world and analyzes how religion poisons the minds of those who follow it. He interviews many people from various religions and comments on how their beliefs are irrational as well as how they contradict science. The goal of Dawkins's film, The Root of All Evil, is to make people see how the illogicalness of religion and the rationality of Darwinian evolution and science. Dawkins's film begins with the concept of one killing himself and others for his beliefs in religion. "There are would be murders all around the world who want to kill you and me and themselves because they're motivated by what think is the highest ideal." He uses this statement to set the stage for his argument against religion. Throughout the video, Dawkins refers to faith as the process of nonthinking and claims that there is a contradiction between science and religious belief. To prove his point that science and…show more content…
One idea that should not be used to reach people is "Hell Houses," and one of the churches that Dawkins showed in his film uses Hell Houses as a means of reaching people. These houses are designed to "scare" people into believing in the Christian faith which is not the best way of leading people to Christ. Another idea that can be taken from this film is raising children. One of the people that Dawkins interviewed was raised in a Christian home, however, she had abusive parents, which has caused her to stray away from her belief in God. "I want to show how faith acts like a virus that attacks the young and infects generation after generation." Christians can learn important ideas from this film, including what to do and not to do when sharing the Gospel with
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