Essay Richard Drew and His Revolutionary Invention: Scotch Tape

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An Auto shop Miracle: Scotch Tape

The 1920s, an era commonly known as the “Roaring Twenties” was a time period filled with various new and innovative inventions. Starting off as a simple fix to a common problem, scotch tape was introduced in 1925 by a humble engineer, Richard Drew. Almost a century has passed since Richard Drew’s invention of scotch tape, and it is still used for various uses.

The inventor, Richard Drew, grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. After dropping out of college, he miraculously obtained a job, working for the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company or more commonly known as 3M. Drew was hired to take trial products to auto shops around the city. A prevalent problem that auto shop workers faced when
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The sole reason that 3M company did not have to lay off any workers during the Great Depression was because the apparent success of Scotch Brand Transparent Tape.

Continuing through the years, transparent tape has been a common household item. In 1985, Scotch Tape was voted the “Most Indispensable Product in The Home” according to a national Roper opinion poll. Many people regularly use scotch tape every day, which is no surprise because 3M produces over 5.5 million miles of tape every year. We continue to use tape in the home, the office, school, and doctors even use tape in hospital settings. Using Richard Drew’s inspiration and guidance, 3M has since made other tapes, and other inventions such as Micropore Surgical tape, Pop-up Tape Strips, and Post-it Notes. Richard Drew exhaled his last breath in 1980, and with his name he holds the title for the inventor of scotch tape. Richard Drew was recognized for his invention and made it into the National Inventors Hall of Fame after his death. Scotch tape continues to be used in 90% of all American homes, and continues to be a common household item.

From simple beginnings, scotch tape has become a revolutionary invention. Originally made to repair a small problem faced by auto shop owners, Richard Drew’s invention can now be bought in almost all convenience stores. From wrapping Christmas gifts to mending a

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