Richard Fee Was A Potential Medical Student

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Richard Fee was a potential medical student, an athlete on the baseball team and sophomore class president. In 2008 he began to struggle with focusing on his studies and went to see a doctor who believed he had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The doctor immediately prescribed him Vyvanse for his ADHD. In 2008 after he graduated with a degree in biology, he began to study hard for the medical school entry exams. (Schwarz 1) This caused him to make an appointment to the nearby Triad Psychiatric and Counseling Center. The doctor concluded from an 18-question-survey that he had an inattentive-type of ADHD. Richard Fee never had any signs of ADHD before college, as a kid or young adult growing up. A nurse practitioner at the psychiatric counseling center recorded that before, Richard’s complaints about “organization, memory and attention to detail.”, “his speech was clear, his thought process “goal directed” and his concentration “attentive.” (Schwarz 3) Transitioning into severe abuse, he would refill his prescription multiple times a month when he wasn’t even out of them. Then the side effects of Vyvanse began to take place; Richard’s sleep patterns became jumbled, he was in a dark depressed mood and moved back in to his home in Virginia Beach with his parents. Richard began to go through his medication expediently and would go through a whole months worth in a couple weeks. Richard’s behavior was spiraling out of control at this point. He then became paranoid
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