Richard Hofstadter 's The American Republic

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Richard Hofstadter in his book under the Title “The American Republic since 1865” makes a vivid description of the urban reforms that took place in the United States of America. There are two editions of the book, the first and second edition. The publication came to the public limelight in 1959. The great works of writing are by Prentice-Hall publishers. The original text was from the University of Virginia. The digital print of the book was available as from 2010. The publication has a total of 1445 pages. The URL to the book is The book is available in digital form for purchase at Amazon, ABE books among.
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Richard in his publication offers a clear and concise on the urban reforms in the society of America. He depicts the numerous social, political transformation that takes place in the society. The urban set up takes a different shape during the era. Richard brings to light that challenges that come with urbanization, and industrialization. He makes an effort in his text to make clear of how some cities came to place during the era. New building emerges during the period. The cities were a focal point for the growth of the America population. Rivalry among cities such as Baltimore and Philadelphia, Chicago and St. Louis is clearly in his text. In his text, the growth of the railway and major highways connecting different cities is…
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