Richard III and the Stability of England Essay

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Richard III and the Stability of England

Richard became King of England on July the sixth 1483 after the heir to the throne was proclaimed illegitimate. Whether this claim was true or not is questionable. During Richards reign, the stability of England has been debated. Was he the ruler England needed to end the 'Wars of the Roses' and bring stability back to the English people? Or did he cause England to be restless and unsettled? Is it a good thing that Henry Tudor defeated him in the Battle of Bosworth? This essay will look at the different points, which, under the reign of Richard III made the country stable or unstable.

England under Richard III was stable in that he had lots of
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Richard had strong foreign policies, which helped to make England stable. He made good alliances with France by building on previous victories and signing a three-year truce. This made England stable because there was less worry of having to watch the Scots and make sure they do not start a fight. This made the people of England feel safer because they did not agree with fighting because of all the people who died.

Another factor making England stable and strong under Richards reign was his support. Although it has been said that he was only popular in the North and that the South disliked him this can be proved somewhat untrue because it was the people of London who voted for him to be king. This proved that he had won the support of most of Britain, this was probably because people knew that he had been a loyal supporter of his brother during his reign and most people had liked Edward IV.

Buckingham's rebellion was dealt with effectively and discreetly to prevent publicity. If the rebellion had been made a bid deal of people might have started to doubt the capability of their ruler.

Another reason why England was seen as stable during Richards's reign was that he managed to refrain from having any civil war during his time on throne. This was helpful because civil war caused death and if there had been the country would have been seen as unstable. England
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