Richard IIi : Transformative Task

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Richard III: Transformative task
Note for parents
For the parent/s of the child who now owns Richard III: a children’s novel.
I decided to convert Shakespeare’s Richard III into a children’s book due to how much Shakespeare’s Richard intrigues me and the moral lessons that I believe a child can learn from his story.
In Shakespeare’s play, Richard is portrayed as a Machiavel, he is unapologetically manipulative yet a smooth-talker with a sense of humour. This combination of characteristics, along with Shakespeare’s use of asides to make the audience confidants to Richard’s scheming, evokes an attraction to his character which lasts until his murder-filled to-do list becomes seemingly never ending. The connection between the audience and
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The first clue was read. Thoughts raced through their heads.
They all started at once. White versus Red.

The first clue led them to clue number two.
Richie would not let the white team lose.
Then it was on to clue number three.
Richie grinned and laughed, expressing his glee.
Then clue number four. Then clue number five.
Richie helped out to let the white team thrive.

The Whites worked together to get out in front.
The Whites worked to give the red team the punt.
Yet, clue number six had stumped the white team.
The red team already figured it out!
Richie was puzzled, but began to scheme.

Then suddenly! He went over to Annie!
Richie smiled so sweet and asked so nicely.
Richie convinced her to reveal the clue!
Now both teams were even again.
But Annie was ¬¬¬¬excluded; the red team betrayed.

Clue seven, clue eight, now to an obstacle.
Clue number nine was atop the pine.
White team and red team both needed to climb.
Branch one, two and three. Up, Up, Up the tree.
Richie looked back, Clare was slowing them down!
Richie was annoyed, and began to scheme.
Richie pushed Hasti, who grabbed on to Clare.
They both straight out of the tree.
Eddy thought that his ‘accident’ was all his fault.
His guilt led to tears, and they led to shame,
And so young Eddy was out of the game.

Richie now led to ensure victory.
He was allowed the dogs for company.
But these were Eddy’s dogs.
And they would only get in Richie’s way.
So Richie hid them and told
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