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Richard II, by William Shakespeare, is a play about a King whom is a poor chose in spending his countries wealth, separated from his subjects, and makes unwise decisions for counsel. Richard II then begins to lease land to wealthy noblemen and takes the money from a deceased uncle to fund his lifestyle the commoners and other noblemen become outraged. In the play there are symbolisms to England as being like “Eden”; and the first symbolism and maybe one of the most significant ones is by John of Gaunt in Act 2, scene 1, lines 31-68. After Gaunt’s symbolic reference to England as a garden there are other symbolisms towards gardens referenced throughout the play along that aid in Shakespeare’s use of imagery. The first symbolic…show more content…
Superfluous branches, We lop away, that bearing boughs may live; Had he done so, himself had borne the crown, Which waste of idle hours hath quite thrown down” (Bevington, 2009, pg356). In this reference the Gardener is comparing England to a garden and Richard as its gardener. With Richards lack of taking care of England like a garden the land has died because of his failure to nurture and care for it. It is in my opinion that Shakespeare has used this various types of analogies for gardens as a symbolism for life. When you look at what Gaunt says about how England used to be, it is a representation of things change without proper care. In life if you do not take care of the things that are important then they will eventually change and not for the better. The next example with the gardener is another great example of how one must look after their resources. When the gardener says “We lop away, that bearing boughs may live” ((Bevington, 2009); it is my opinion that this shows that sometimes you must sometimes take a little off so others can prosper. It is the symbolic references that Shakespeare uses in Richard II towards gardens to aid in the rise and fall of the kingdom. Through this imagery, if Richard had taken better care of the land and his people, instead of using them for his own needs, then just maybe he would have still been king. If one takes care of his belongings and responsibilities then in return they shall be as
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