Richard Jewell was Falsely Accused of Setting a Bomb at the Atlanta Olympics

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How would you feel if you were falsely accused of committing an act that you are not responsible for and could have potentially changed what people thought of you for a very long time? On July 27, 1996 someone had made an anonymous phone call, stating that a bomb will explode in the Atlanta Olympics during the Summer Olympics. In this tragic event, one-hundred people and one deceased. A man named Richard Jewell was deceitfully accused of being the bomber of the Atlantic Olympic Bombing. Jewell denied playing any sort of role in the bombing occurrence. The bomber was not considered a suspect until two years later in February. Eric Robert Rudolph who placed the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics was also in a connection with three other bombings. It becomes ironic that the police officers can be in a dramatic rush to find who was responsible for the acts that were committed, they rush to figure it out also to keep the crime off of the streets and to be punished for committing an act of wrong doing. There are other cases where the police have accused innocently people of committing a crime in which they have not done. An example of this would also be the Boston Marathon, where bombing had all mad an occurrence at this event. Richard Allensworth Jewell was just a police officer who had worked as a security guard, at Piedmont College, located in Georgia. At first, they had praised Jewell as being a hero, in the bombing, because he had recognized the bag which the bomb was

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