Richard Louis Proenneke

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Richard Louis Proenneke (1916-2003), called Dick, has become an icon of wild living in Lake Clark park and Preserve. Born in Iowa, he worked as a farmhand and rancher before joining the Navy the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

After receiving a medical discharge in 1945 (following a bout of rheumatic fever), he once more took up ranching. In 1949, he created his 1st visit to Alaska at the invitation of a friend. He lived and worked in Alaska off and on for years, creating his 1st visit to Twin Lakes in 1962. By 1967, he had begun work on a cabin there. it had been completed in 1968.

His was not the first cabin on Twin Lakes, nor was it the largest. Proenneke’s cabin, though, stands out for its outstanding craftsmanship, that reflects
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