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Richard Milhouse Nixon Richard Milhous Nixon was born to Frank and Hannah Nixon on January 9, 1913. He was the second eldest son of five sons and was born and raised in Yorba Linda, California. His father worked as a jack of all trades until buying a family operated store where Richard worked as a child. Hannah Nixon taught Richard to read young, and by age five he was solidly progressing in the three R's. Throughout school Richard was always among the top of his class and upon graduation from Whittier High School he was offered financial scholarships to both Yale and Harvard. The scholarships covered tuition only and Richard was forced to decline them because he would be unable to afford the cost of living while away at school.…show more content…
Richard Nixon spent the next five years of his life in "political wilderness." However he captured the Republican nomination for President in 1968. Lyndon B. Johnson the current President announced his withdraw from re-election, and Richard Nixon became the 35th President of the United States. He ran and won again in 1972 and then resigned on August 8,1974 because of the Watergate Scandal. One of Nixon's best plans for reforming the welfare program was his Family Assistance Program (FAP). Under this program the federal government was to recognize a responsibility for meeting the welfare program on the national scale. Mr. Nixon originally proposed that a family of four should receive $1,600 dollars a year in 1969. Then in 1971 he raised the allowance up to $2,400 dollars a year. The Work Incentive Program (WIN) of 1971 was to provide incentives and allowances to the working poor and help bring their income level up to the federal level. The working recipients would be able to earn additional income without reducing their welfare allowance. Job training and day care facilities were to be greatly expanded (HOFF, 131-133). States were expected to supplement this amount and all able-bodied heads of recipient families were to "accept work or training." Exception would be made to mothers with pre-school aged children. If a parent refused to work or receive job training then only the

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