Richard Nixon 1972 McGovern Defense

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Richard Nixon as a presidential candidate in 1971 was expected. He was vice president for Eisenhower for two terms beginning in 1953 and then attempted to run for president himself losing to John F. Kennedy. In 1968 He decided to try again and succeeded. After his term ended in 1972 he had the chance to run for presidency again. We all know how this term ended with resignation and a lifetime of trying to regain his tarnished public reputation, however the start of his final term was the strongest transition a President could have. Nixon had been already dealing with the foreign relations and Vietnam when the presidential election came around. The country was in a heat of tension over mixed opinions on the war in Vietnam, rising inflation and unemployment. Just a year before, the country was in a roar over the seemingly empty promises from Nixon to end the war and would have booted him out without a thought. However his opponent, George McGovern, took the anti-war political stance and hoped to gain popularity by wanting to withdraw troops from Vietnam and cut military spending. In a time of war this may have seemed semi-appealing towards the American public but it wasn’t a strong enough stance to portray him as a strong leader. Nixon, having been President for the last four years, knew that the country needed a strong leader and emphasized his stance in every campaign commercial. In the race for the presidency, Nixon’s campaign commercials were used effectively to

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