Richard Nixon : An Effective Autocratic Leader

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Richard Nixon was an effective Autocratic leader because of the way he handled the Vietnam War crisis, the SALT 1 talks with the Soviets, and off course the Watergate scandal. The events that made Richard Nixon the man as well as the politician are from an early age he and his family suffered many life hardening events from an early age he lost two of his brothers to Tuberculosis, as well as this strong desire to be the best at everything he did whether it was in normal life and his school life as well as his adult life in the military and in politics. In his Political life there are more prime examples of Richard Nixon’s more autocratic side he showed this side more on the international scene then he did on the domestic scene with his manipulation as well as his circumnavigation of Congress with his increased involvement in Vietnam and his major deal making with the SALT treaty with the Soviets where he Manipulated the Soviet hand to get a more favorable deal for the United States. The Purpose of this paper is two fold is to explore autocratic leadership style and traits as well as show his strengths and weaknesses and explore the ethical dilemmas that plagued him. Richard Nixon was born January 9,1913 in Yorba Linda, California. At that time, Yorba Linda was a small farming community, Located 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Nixon was one of the most experienced Politicians to have ever graced the White House as a Congressman and Senator from California as well as
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