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Richard Nixon The President of the United States is often considered the most powerful elected official in the world. The President leads a nation of great wealth and military strength. Presidents have often provided decisive leadership in times of crisis, and they have shaped many important events in history. The President has many roles and performs many duties. As chief executive, the President makes sure that federal laws are enforced. As commander in chief of the nation's armed forces, the President is responsible for national defense. As foreign policy director, the President determines United States relation with other nations. As legislative leader, the President recommends new laws and works to win their passage. As…show more content…
Eight months later, he joined the Navy and was sent to the Pacific as a supply officer. Nixon was popular with his men, and such an accomplished poker player that he was able to send enough of his comrades-in-arms' money back home to help fund his first political campaign. Shortly after returning from the war, Nixon entered politics, answering a Republican Party call in the newspaper for someone to run against the five-term Democratic Congressman, Jerry Voorhis. Nixon seemed the perfect man for the job, and was welcomed by the California Republican Party, who considered him "salable merchandise." The style of Nixon's first campaign set the tone for the early part of his political career, where he achieved national fame as a fierce anti-Communist. He accused Congressman Voorhis of being a communist, and even went so far as to have campaign workers make anonymous calls to voters stating that as a fact and advising that a vote for Nixon was therefore the best move. This sort of straightforward communist baiting was new at the time. With the fear of the Soviet Union, who appeared to be spreading its influence throughout Asia made it a particularly persuasive tactic. Nixon later said, "Of course I knew Jerry Voorhis wasn't a communist, but I had to win." Nixon defeated Voorhis with sixty percent of the vote, and upon taking his seat in Congress, he

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