Richard Nixon Pros And Cons

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Richard Nixon was the 37th President of the United States, who dealt with much controversy. Nixon started as a straightforward politician who was bringing groundbreaking advancements to the fields he worked in. But all that work would not be enough to fight against the drama that would later follow him during his presidency. After the disastrous end to presidency, Nixon would try with all his might to right his wrongs. During Nixon’s bout in the White House, he made a mistake that would overshadow all his other achievements. While Richard Nixon was a politician, he achieved many great things. While Nixon was Vice President he did many things. “While Vice President to Eisenhower, Nixon made the position important. He took National Security Meetings, when the President could not. He also went on good will trips to gain support for the American’s during the Cold War”(Nixon Library). This is an important achievement because the role of Vice President did not have much meaning before then, other than as a backup in the unlikely event something were to happen to the president. This also shows he was always very involved with his job and strived to be good at it. When Nixon won the 1968 election he did many things in his tenure as president. “During his presidency, Nixon succeeded in ending American fighting in Vietnam, improved relations between the US and USSR, and relations between the US and China.” This has meaning as it shows that Nixon was good at his job, and truly

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