Richard Nixon : The Second Of Five Children

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Richard Milhous Nixon was born on January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda California on his father’s lemon farm. Richard Nixon was the second of five children born to Frank Nixon and Hannah Milhous. Unfortunately, two of his brothers died. In 1925, Richard Nixon’s younger brother died and in 1933, his older brother, whom he greatly admired, died of tuberculosis. His ancestors emigrated from Ireland in the 18th century, and settled in Pennsylvania and Indiana. In 1922, Richard Nixon and his family moved to Whittier, California after the lemon farm failed. Richard Nixon regularly attended Quaker services and experienced a rough childhood, having an abusive father and manipulative mother. He attended Whittier High School where he came in second for student body president. Graduating second in his class, he was offered a scholarship to Harvard but was not able to afford the travel and tuition, so enrolled Whittier College, a quaker institution. He excelled as a student and leader. He became the freshman class President and, as a senior, student body president. Richard Nixon was unable to really excel in football. He graduated second in his class, in 1934, and received a scholarship to Duke Law School. The Whittier College president wrote, “I believe Nixon will become one of America’s important, if not great leaders.” After finishing up law school, he could not receive a job offer from on of the big New York law firm, even though he was part of the National Scholastic Law Fraternity.
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