Richard Nixon : The Silent

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Richard Nixon was a president that dealt with many problems while he was in office, such as Vietnam, China, and civil rights. Nixon was a great politician and appeared to want the best for America. In Nixon 's silent majority speech he wanted to end the war in vietnam while sparing the “democratic” citizens in southern Vietnam, but for him to do this he needed to bargain with the citizens of America and the leaders of the western world in order to accomplish his goals without too many problems, such as riots, world leaders, and unfavorable opinions of the government at the time. To do all of this Richard Nixon used doublespeak, argumentum ad populum (or argument to the people), faulty cause and effect, and dead metaphors, in his speech: The Silent Majority.
Nixon’s speech The Silent Majority was centered at the end of the vietnam war and the country was divided on how to end the war or if they should end the war. Nixon sought to end the war that would not hurt any side, but in order to do so he needed to explain his thoughts to the citizens of the united states, because a president in his first term doesn’t do anything against public opinion. One of the larger worries was the fall of Asia, and the spread of communism, the other was getting all the troops out in a timely manner so casualties would be minimal on retreat, the next most important problem Nixon needed to overcome was public and world opinions. If he were to just pull out the world leaders would look quite…

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