Richard Nixon and Supreme Court

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Chapter 28

1. Which country did NOT become politically controlled by the Soviet Union after World War II? *Yugoslavia*
2. The Soviet Union first learned of the American atomic bomb how? *through the use of espionage*
3. The Baruch Plan would do what?
4. George Kennan's "containment" policy proposed what? *American vigilance regarding Soviet expansionist tendencies.*
5. George Kennan believed firmly that foreign policy should be left to whom?
6. The Truman Doctrine stated that American policy would be what?
7. The Marshall Plan proposed what?
8. Overall, did the Marshall Plan work?
9. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a departure for America in what way?
10. Who were the members of NATO?
11. NATO had what effect on the
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Chapter 30

1. Critical to John F. Kennedy's victory in the election of 1960 was his what?
2. John F. Kennedy's domestic program was known as the
3. The Soviet leader with whom both Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy had to deal was who?
4. Under John F. Kennedy, the United States government did what with the Vietnam war?
5. The ________ was Kennedy's most obvious foreign policy disaster.
6. What were the consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
7. John F. Kennedy played down civil rights legislation because why?
8. When President Johnson managed to get Congress to pass Kennedy's proposed tax cut in 1964, the result was what?
9. Lyndon Johnson's main theme in the election of 1964 was what?
10. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 did what?
11. The ________ established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
12. Lyndon Johnson's domestic program was called what?
13. In the election of 1964, President Lyndon Johnson easily defeated who?
14. In his program of health care, President Lyndon Johnson secured passage of what?
15. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 did what?
16. Was The foreign policy of Lyndon Johnson unique?
17. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson sent American soldiers to ________ in order to prevent a communist takeover there.
18. American bombing of North Vietnam was successful or not?
19. In general, American tactics in the Vietnam War were successful or not?
20. Civil rights leader ________ advocated "black power."
21. Cesar Chavez
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