Essay Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

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June 17th, 1972 would be a day America would never forget--it was the start of one of the largest scandals in our government. Richard Nixon was president of the United States and the people trusted him. However this trust would be betrayed, as he got involved in something now known as the Watergate Scandal. This was an interesting time in history because it was a large cover up by the Republican Party. Also, how different people reacted to this event was fascinating because some people were so blind to the truth, that they stuck behind Nixon even once tapes and other credible evidence against him was produced. In this paper I will describe the events of Watergate and the publics opinion and reactions to this lengthy Scandal that corrupted…show more content…
Mr. Hunt has disappeared.1 The connection between Nixon and the scandal was undeniable, as the investigations continued to happen more and more information was revealed, and the tie between the burglary and the Republican Party grew. The five men who had been arrested had been found with “bugging” and eavesdropping devices, different types of cameras and around $5,000 dollars all in big bills. The money has now been traced. It turns out to be part of $114,000 which found its way from the Nixon headquarters to the Miami bank account of Bernard L. Barker, one of the five men arrested at the Watergate.1 Journalists were writing up a storm during this time, finding more and more ways to peg this on the Republican Party and Nixon, making them have no way out besides admitting they were guilty. Despite denying that they had no way of knowing how that money got to Mr. Barker, the people had no other choice then to believe them guilty, stirring up more problems for Nixon’s committee. From reading the articles that were published in the newspapers during this time, it seems as though that the people were captivated by what was happening and disgusted with the outright denial that the Republican Party lawyers and spokesmen were sticking too. It is now clear that Republican denials of responsibility for the sinister Watergate espionage case issued from the White house down
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