Richard Nixon 's Political Career And General American Government

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In the state of California, specifically southern California resides the birthplace of a significant man to the United States of America. The city of Yorba Linda contains the birthplace of the thirty-seventh president, the first president born in California. Richard Millhouse Nixon was born January 9, 1913 he who would eventually contribute to politics throughout his career. Nixon to most people takes recognition for his negative contributions specifically as a participant of the Watergate scandal. These involvements tend to overlook his entire political career that exists today at the Richard Nixon Library. However, with all the negativity surrounded around Nixon, events exist to further support his contributions to this country. Furthermore, Richard Nixon 's library further expands on Nixon 's political career and general American government. The emergence of Richard Nixon 's political career settles amongst the Richard Nixon library. According to the Nixon foundation, Nixon 's uprising in politics occurred as he was urged by republican leaders in Whittier to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Nixon does eventually win and receive a spot into the House of Representatives in 1946 by defeating a democratic incumbent. Nixon shortly after in 1950 defeats another incumbent to take over as a senator. It is not until shortly after acquiring his seat as a senator Nixon finally receives proper recognition as a political figure in America.

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